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All Ages

Biracial (however you identify)

You will take a simple portrait like the ones in the sample below.

‘Mixed/Other’ Artist Statement 

Artist: Melissa Aytenfisu

The project I am embarking on is a profound exploration of the lives and identities of biracial individuals. In a world where racial mixing is increasingly accepted, the biracial experience remains a unique and underrepresented facet of our collective narrative. Through the medium of photography, I aim to delve into the intricate tapestry of biracial identity. This body of work will focus on the subject of biracialism (black and white). I would particularly like to address issues such as:

  1. The extent to which biracial individuals are categorized and their senses of identity molded by societal norms and expectations
  2. The degree to which biracial people differ or coalesce in their developing senses of self
  3. Self-identity: The evolving impact of a growing population of biracial individuals on societal concepts of race, racism and post-racism 

I believe that my research and creative response will make contributions to the understanding of biracial identity in a way which benefits other biracial individuals and the larger community as well.  This project is a testament to the power of art in shedding light on the hidden corners of our shared humanity. It’s a celebration of the diversity and unity that biracial individuals bring to the world, and an invitation for all to engage in a dialogue about the rich mosaic of our interconnected lives. 

With the reference photos that I take, I will create artworks in the following mediums: collage, mixed media,  printmaking, oil painting and photography.